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Areas of Expertise

Medical Malpractice Defense

Few firms have as much experience as Gonzalez Castillo Moya, LLP defending medical malpractice cases.  This experience pre-dates the 1977 passage of The Medical Liability and Insurance Improvement Act of Texas.  Because day-to-day handling of medical malpractice cases is constantly evolving, it is crucial to select defense counsel who specializes in this complex area of law. 

We are fortunate to represent the largest medical malpractice insurance carriers in Texas and some of the largest hospital corporations in the United States.  The firm has years of documented success trying major medical malpractice lawsuits to jury verdict in state and federal courts. 

Gonzalez Castillo Moya, LLP offers attorneys and support staff who have extensive experience in working with healthcare professionals.  Our attorneys publish extensively on this topic and provide – at no cost – an assortment of risk management seminars, lectures and presentations.  Mock depositions, mock trials and other educational demonstrations are frequently requested by our healthcare clients and our lawyers work closely with hospitals, doctors, and clinics in developing policies, procedures, and protocols for the day-to-day management of operations.  The firm works proactively with its healthcare clients in the orientation, education, and training of nurses and employees by providing tailored presentations on the key issues of healthcare.

General Liability

Ultimately, all clients are looking for the best and most cost effective conclusion of any case, whether by dismissal, negotiation or winning at trial. Our record of providing insurance carriers, corporations and individuals with accurate evaluation, aggressive defense and early closure of thousands of personal injury cases shows that we understand what our clients want and need.

Gonzalez Castillo Moya, LLP customizes case handling protocols to client requirements, including enhanced reporting, ongoing evaluation and specialized fee arrangements. All types of personal injury and general liability cases are defended, including:

We maintain in-house medical professionals and attorneys with dual degrees who are specialists in geriatrics, surgery, dentistry, nursing and obstetrics. This built-in cost saving resource is not easily found among law firms, but is vital in defending virtually every kind of personal injury case: soft tissue, TMJ disorders, loss of limb, vision or hearing, birth injury, paraplegia and quadriplegia, brain damage and wrongful death.

An aggressive approach and a willingness and proven ability to try cases have earned Gonzalez Castillo Moya, LLP a reputation for obtaining optimal results for clients.

Labor & Employment Law

Although Texas is an “at will” state, giving employers the right to terminate employees without cause, Texas employers face a growing number of claims, both statutory and common law.  Typical allegations include disability discrimination, race, age and sex discrimination, as well as charges of defamation, wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress. 

Because defending these types of claims in court and before administrative agencies is expensive, employers are seeking cost effective solutions.  As our clients, employers count on reasonable fees because of our specialization in this area, proven trial experience and lower overhead.  This are of the law encompasses both traditional representation in contested proceedings as well as informal counseling.  We are skilled in representing employers in mediation, arbitration, trial and administrative proceedings as well as in the board room.  Accordingly, our lawyers:

Products Liability

In addition to cases invoking general tort law and various federal statutes, standards and regulations, Gonzalez Castillo Moya, LLP attorneys handle products liability trials and appeals involving statutes that are unique to Texas. These statutes commonly impose liability for acts that may not be actionable elsewhere. The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), for instance, may subject product designers, manufacturers and sellers to liability for treble damages and opponents’ attorneys fees.

Gonzalez Castillo Moya, LLP has experience with cases ranging from single plaintiff products liability cases to nationwide, multi-district litigation. We have tried DTPA claims brought by one corporation against another for product defects, and other cases alleging negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty and failure to warn. We have defended national and international healthcare corporations against liability claims involving medical devices. For insurance companies and self-insured corporations we have handled claims involving such products as:

Appellate Law

Any lawyer who spends time in the courtroom knows that the case may not end with the jury verdict. Appeals to the higher courts are normal and expected, particularly in cases that raise novel and important issues of law. Gonzalez Castillo Moya, LLP is available at every stage of the litigation process. We handle important motions in the trial court, requests for extraordinary relief, and appeals to the higher courts in both the state and federal systems. We have experience at all levels of the appeal process and our firm provides appellate help for Firm clients, and for lawyers at other firms who need similar assistance for their clients.

Gonzalez Castillo Moya, LLP also recognizes the value of reducing uncertainty in this type of litigation, and works towards a resolution of important legal issues early in the litigation process so the client can make educated decisions at the appropriate time. We have the experience and expertise to counsel and advise clients on significant legal issues that may arise as part of, or outside, the litigation process.